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A dear friend of mine argued for a long time that they don't have time to come to my ordination to exercise their lazy eye. Even though it has been a problem of theirs for years now, they seldom make an effort to take care of their condition. My colleague introduced me to this app, and even though I was skeptical at first, I couldn't even see the difference between the huge synoptophore in my office and this smartphone solution. Later on, I advised my friend to download it since it takes little to no time, and as expected, after just two weeks, their fusional convergence results kept getting better and better! I would definitely recommend this app to all the people who don't have time to visit their doctors due to busy schedules as it can help you immensely with various eye conditions. Five stars!
Dr. Monica J.
As an ophthalmologist, I am always prepared for kids' experiences when they first see the synoptophore. Truth be told, it is intimidating and kids don't really like coming for their regular eye exercises. I discovered VR Synoptophore about six months ago, and since then, it has become my go-to solution for parents who dread their kids' fear. As they can deliver me their at-home practice results with just one screenshot, I can advise them for further sessions and become aware of any potential conditions arising. Not to mention the children adore the illustrations provided!
Jonah H. Miller, MD
I've tried many apps out there, but only this one didn't disappoint. Clean design, easy process, effective and quick exercises. Not only do I see better now, but I can't even remember when was the last time I had a headache. Truly life-changing.
Jonah Smith
I am a baseball player and have had difficulties hitting the ball lately. The problem usually was missing it completely, and that's when I started noticing issues with my target focus. So, I researched online and decided to give this app a try. After a month or so, I've even noticed that I don't mix up lines when reading articles online, and I am finally starting to focus more on the ball flying at me!
Joji Anand
I have been experiencing overwhelming fatigue in my eyes for years now. My concentration has been rapidly reducing, and headaches were no stranger to me. Firstly, I thought it was because of my line of work (I am a full-time Javascript programmer), and I tried every possible exercise provided online, but nothing helped. Then, one day I stumbled upon this app, hoping something would finally help me, and oh boy did it amaze me! I started to feel better in just one week, and my headaches were gone. I am now using it regularly whenever I feel my eyes are drained.
Rebecca Clark
An excellent, easy to use the app. A simple yet effective solution for everyone out there battling various binocular fusion defects. Even I was shocked at how good the results were in such a short time. Wish I had found this one earlier!
Dr. Samuel C.
I was absolutely blown away - the simplest solution on the app store. Not to mention how quickly I started to see positive results. Thank you so much!
Susanne Brown