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How-To Guide

Like any other type of training, the eyes exercising needs a little bit of preparation. Luckily, these steps take just a few minutes and must be done in the right directive to achieve proper results.

Measuring the Pupil Distance

The first important step before starting the exercise is measuring the distance between your pupils. With the Ruler tool incorporated in the app, you are able to do that conveniently in front of a mirror.

  1. Stand around 30 centimeters away from a mirror.
  2. Keeping your eyes at your reflection, place your smartphone up against your eyebrows.
  3. Close your right eye, then line up the ruler so that the 0 mm mark is in line with the center of your left pupil.
  4. Look straight ahead again, open your right eye and then close your left.
  5. The figure corresponding to your right pupil’s center will be your pupillary distance measurement.

Repeat these procedures a few times more to ensure that the measurement is consistent and precise.

A PD measurement of 54-74mm is appropriate for an adult.

In case someone else is helping you measure your PD, follow these steps:

  1. Open both eyes and focus on an object about 20 feet away.
  2. Make sure that the person assisting you stays out of your line of sight and you keep your eyes as still as possible.
  3. Using the Ruler tool, the 0mm mark should be lined up with the center of one pupil.
  4. The measurement taken is the figure that aligns with the center of the other pupil.

After getting the proper measurements, enter them inside the Settings menu. You can also choose the units used – metric or imperial. Make sure to enter the length in corresponding units.

Phone to Glasses Distance

For optimal results, we recommend using specific VR glasses.

Distance between the smartphone and glasses is fixed and shouldn’t be changed until a new pair of VR glasses is bought. If you are unsure about this length, return to the Ruler tool and measure the part of the glasses that stands between the handle grip and lenses.

Once measured, it can be entered in the Settings tab.


Calibration resembles the process of aligning your eyesight for the purpose of practice. Just like in a classic synoptophore, your goal is to put the bird inside of the cage. This process is done again only when you see two separated images on the screen.

Place the VR glasses onto the bold green line appearing on your smartphone’s screen. The green line should not be seen anymore as the center part of the glasses is covering them when placed correctly.

With VR glasses attached to the screen, bring the smartphone before your eyes using both of your hands. In this case, both eyes can see through the lenses.

You should be able to see two different pictures – a cage and a bird. Using both thumbs, tap the screen on the left side to move the bird to the left and right to move it to the right.

When the bird is placed in the center of the cage and only one picture is visible, tap and hold the screen with any thumb or press the “Back” button to save the calibration results.

How to Practice

After calibrating the app accordingly, you can begin the practice. Place the VR glasses attached to your smartphone screen onto both of your eyes. You should see one bunny with a carrot and a tail. The goal is to continue the practice until you see two separated bunnies.

The key to the practice is keeping one picture of the bunny as long as possible. Once you see the pictures starting to separate, tap the screen shortly to stop the movement. Tap the screen once again to start the next exercise cycle and repeat the previous action.

To exit the exercise, hold your thumb on the screen, or simply press “X” in the lower right corner.

For the first couple of days, you should exercise for 7-10 minutes per day. After a few days, increase the training time to 10-15 minutes. The training should be done for three weeks, daily.

It is entirely normal to feel slight pain in the eyes after training. That is a sign of adequately performed activity, and it will go away momentarily.

Auto Practice

With auto practice on, you need to follow the instructions appearing on the screen. To begin and end the training segment, all you have to do is touch the screen once (after starting to see two bunnies).

Then, reset the image with a single press and keep your gaze fixed on it for as long as you can.

We advise you to do the exercises in the Auto Practice mode.

Manual Practice

Touch the screen sequentially when manual practice is on until you see two bunnies for as long as you can keep your eyes locked on the image. Then, tap and hold the screen to reset the image when you start seeing double.

One exercise consists of five bunny movements to the inside and one outside. You should perform only a couple of practices, with a total duration of 5-10 minutes per day.


After every practice, you will receive values for fusional convergence and fusional divergence. Average values in convergence (upper scale) are about 15-18°, while expected values in divergence are about -3°.

VR solutions used inside the app help you improve your results in the long run. After regular use, you will start to see differences in your results.