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VR Synoptophore is designed to give you an accurate estimation of the condition of your eyesight. Once it identifies the problem, you can start using the available exercises to relax the rectus muscles and reduce the stress on your eyes. If you repeat the exercises 2 to 4 times a day, the muscles around your eyes will become stronger, allowing you to improve your concentration and overall quality of life.

Even though the app cannot improve your vision completely, it can help reduce the stress on your eyes and improve comfort and concentration. It’s especially effective for gamers, programmers, and other people who spend a lot of time in front of a computer screen. Its ability to reduce digital eye strain can almost immediately change your life for the better.

The VR Synoptophore app is available on both Apple and Android devices alike. Once you download the app onto your smartphone, with the VR device attached, it will estimate the position of your eyes and tell you what exercises you should follow to improve your condition.

Here’s a list of advantages you can expect to experience down the road:

  • Long close contact work without straining
  • Reduced eye stress
  • Eyes becoming less sensitive to light
  • More success while studying
  • Better results in sports
  • Greater scores in eSports

Eyestrain is a common condition that can hurt your everyday activities. It’s caused by putting too much strain on your eye muscles. Activities such as driving long distances or looking at a computer screen for hours at a time can lead to various eyesight conditions down the road.

Even though eye strain isn’t dangerous immediately, it can be not very pleasant. The pain in eye muscles usually goes away after resting, but the discomfort will keep increasing if you can’t doze off immediately. If you think that you might be experiencing eye strain, here’s a complete list of symptoms of weak eye muscles.

  • Sore, burning, or itching eyes
  • Frequent headaches after short periods of studying or doing close contact work (being in front of the screen or similar)
  • Rapid loss of concentration
  • Blurred vision after short reading sessions
  • Feeling the need to bring the book closer to the eyes after 30 minutes of reading
  • Mixing up the lines while reading
  • Sensitivity to light

Binocular vision is a term used to describe our ability to use both eyes in coordination to feel for the world around us. Each eye takes a picture of what it sees and sends it to the brain that processes both images and puts them together to create a single, 3D image.

If one of the eyes isn’t aligned correctly, the brain struggles to form a single image from the two, leading to various eyesight issues.

The VR Synoptophore app is designed to help train binocular vision through simple exercises. It’s a modern approach to an age-old problem, and it’s showing excellent results among patients all over the globe.