Virtual Reality Potential: Can Older Adults Be Happier?

person using vr headset outside

Every now and then, we travel back in time in our minds, remembering the beautiful experiences we once had. We imagine the gardens we played in when we were kids, the smell of the lindens starting to bloom, or even the beaches we visited on our first summer vacation.  These memories seem cloudy, but some […]

How VR Is Transforming The Gaming Industry

person using joystick and vr headset

When talking about virtual reality in the gaming industry, it is crucial to understand its growth potential in the context of the global video game market.  According to Statista, revenue in the Games segment is projected to reach the US $188bn in 2022, with an estimation that the VR video game market will grow to […]

Is Virtual Reality Exercise a Real Workout?

person using VR headset

For decades, playing video games was seen as a sedentary activity incompatible with good physical fitness and well-being. But, let’s quickly travel back to 2007—the iPhone made its debut, Rihanna’s “Umbrella” was blasting on the radio, and one video game was taking over the world. You could see people ecstatically jumping on a plastic board […]

Things to Consider When Buying a VR Headset

person with a VR headset

Virtual reality is on the leading edge of developing technologies. Because of its gaining popularity, it has seen billions of dollars invested in tech startups by major technology corporations like Meta, Microsoft, Google, PlayStation, and others.  With such a wide range of products, you may find yourself in an overwhelming position when buying a VR […]