Can Virtual Reality Correct Lazy Eye Syndrome (Amblyopia) in Children?

blue-eyed person

Remember how your parents always told you: “Don’t be so close to the TV screen, you will ruin your eyesight”? Though they weren’t wrong, it would be funny to see their faces now when you tell them that the solution for lazy eye syndrome (amblyopia) is putting a headset on your face and watching a […]

Virtual Reality Enterprise: Business Applications of VR

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One of the hottest topics in the tech world this year is definitely Metaverse – an immersive, interactive environment generated by a computer, accessible via a special VR headset. This leap into the unknown wasn’t really a surprise. It combines years and years of research about digital environments and novel technologies that combine traditional knowledge […]

7 Applications of Virtual Reality in Healthcare

woman nurse with stethoscope

Virtual reality solutions have created an interesting turnaround in healthcare, much to the delight of both patients and doctors. In a nutshell, VR is a technology that enables users to utilize a VR headset in order to replicate an experience of interest inside an interactive yet computer-generated world. This immersive simulation rests on the use […]