Why Is Dry Eye So Hard to Treat?

Dry Eye close up

The eye is the only organ in the human body that is exposed to the outside world at all times. And as if getting to see every good (and bad) thing happening around you isn’t enough, the eyes are a magnet for all the tiny, invisible particles that float in the air and cause various […]

Link Between Air Pollution and Eye Problems

Air pollution and eye problems are connecter

The World Health Organization estimates that 90 percent of the world’s population breathes polluted air. According to a 2019 global assessment, air pollution may be affecting every organ in the human body. This is because inhaled particles circulate throughout the body, triggering inflammation. Air pollution is especially dangerous to the eye because it is a […]

Eye Drops Instead of Glasses for Reading?

Eye Drops Instead of Glasses

Keeping a bottle of miotic drops in your bag that replace easily misplaced glasses or troublesome contact lenses sounds very convenient for more than 2 billion people worldwide who suffer from presbyopia – a gradual, age-related loss of near vision. The lens of the eye must change shape in order to concentrate on nearby objects. […]

4 Convergence Insufficiency Exercises

shallow focus of person holding a mirror

Reading is an inevitable aspect of life, and we all spend a lot of time working behind computer displays or reading printed material. The muscles that control eye convergence can get fatigued from constant use, leading to eye strain. The sole treatment option to avoid these kinds of symptoms is to regularly train your eye […]