Understanding Vertical Heterophoria

Vertical heterophoria

Vertical heterophoria is an optical defect that is very hard to spot and diagnose. People suffering from this condition can have some very unpleasant symptoms that keep getting worse as they age.  Therefore, to recognize and help alleviate the symptoms, we must educate ourselves about this condition. In this article, we will discuss what vertical […]

Avoid These 8 Everyday Habits That Are Hurting Your Eyesight

Hurting your eyes

In today’s brave new world of tablets, iPhones, smartwatches, and other contraptions with large, electromagnetic pulse-emitting screens, keeping your eyesight intact may seem to be next to impossible.  It’s not only the 0’s and 1’s and their mechanical framework that hampers our ability to see.  Age-old habits that our grannies warned us against, such as […]

Good Eye Health Through Five Amazing Veggies

good eye health

We all know that vegetables are good for health. They contain many vitamins, fiber, minerals, and other important nutrients for our health. But did you know that eating certain veggies can help you maintain good eye health? Keep reading to discover what vegetables are amazing for your eyes and how they can prevent certain eye […]

How Damaging is to Use Electronic Devices in the Dark?

Use electronic devices

Most people know that looking at screens in the dark is bad for your eyes. But you may need to learn how damaging it can be to use electronic devices in the dark. In this blog post, we’ll discuss the harmful effects of using electronic devices in the dark and offer tips on how to […]

Feeling Hopeless About Possible Computer Vision Syndrome?

computer vision syndrome

We live in a world awash in digital displays. We stare at them as soon as we open our eyes in the morning, throughout our workdays, and even when we’re supposed to relax, it is in front of the TV or browsing through TikTok’s amusing content. Even now, while reading this text (although it will […]

5 Signs You Might Need an Eye Exam

Girl getting an eye exam

If you’re wondering whether you should take an eye exam, this list of symptoms will help you out. The following are just some of the most common signs you might need an eye exam soon.  Your vision has changed Firstly, if you notice changes in your vision over time, this can be a huge sign […]

How to Protect Your Eyes When You Have Diabetes?

How to protect your eyes when you have diabetes?

Diabetes affects people’s health in numerous different ways. Some people may not know that diabetes can affect your eye health too. This is how diabetes can pose health risks for your eyes and what you can do to protect your eyes from troublesome diseases.  How can diabetes affect your eyes? First, let’s discuss how your […]

Why Is Dry Eye So Hard to Treat?

Dry Eye close up

The eye is the only organ in the human body that is exposed to the outside world at all times. And as if getting to see every good (and bad) thing happening around you isn’t enough, the eyes are a magnet for all the tiny, invisible particles that float in the air and cause various […]

Link Between Air Pollution and Eye Problems

Air pollution and eye problems are connecter

The World Health Organization estimates that 90 percent of the world’s population breathes polluted air. According to a 2019 global assessment, air pollution may be affecting every organ in the human body. This is because inhaled particles circulate throughout the body, triggering inflammation. Air pollution is especially dangerous to the eye because it is a […]

Eye Drops Instead of Glasses for Reading?

Eye Drops Instead of Glasses

Keeping a bottle of miotic drops in your bag that replace easily misplaced glasses or troublesome contact lenses sounds very convenient for more than 2 billion people worldwide who suffer from presbyopia – a gradual, age-related loss of near vision. The lens of the eye must change shape in order to concentrate on nearby objects. […]