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Vertical heterophoria is an optical defect that is very hard to spot and diagnose. People suffering from this condition can have some very unpleasant
We blame our modern era of constant screen time—both small and large—for all of our ills. When we experience symptoms such as frequent headaches,
Most people think of the ability to see things clearly when you ask them what they think vision means. However, vision’s impact on our
Cycloplegic refraction is an important part of a comprehensive eye examination. It is used to measure the power of the eye’s lens and to
In today’s brave new world of tablets, iPhones, smartwatches, and other contraptions with large, electromagnetic pulse-emitting screens, keeping your eyesight intact may seem to
We all know that vegetables are good for health. They contain many vitamins, fiber, minerals, and other important nutrients for our health. But did
Most people know that looking at screens in the dark is bad for your eyes. But you may need to learn how damaging it
We live in a world awash in digital displays. We stare at them as soon as we open our eyes in the morning, throughout
The Sun – it giveth life, and, if you’re not careful enough with it, it also taketh away. It is no secret that being
There is no better prevention of eye diseases than regular checkups at the doctor. However, that doesn’t mean that we can’t do some things