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Virtual reality is on the leading edge of developing technologies. Because of its gaining popularity, it has seen billions of dollars invested in tech
Realize it or not, we spend most of our days glancing at some kind of screen – whether it be a computer, smartphone, or
Remember how your parents always told you: “Don’t be so close to the TV screen, you will ruin your eyesight”? Though they weren’t wrong,
One of the hottest topics in the tech world this year is definitely Metaverse – an immersive, interactive environment generated by a computer, accessible
Virtual reality solutions have created an interesting turnaround in healthcare, much to the delight of both patients and doctors. In a nutshell, VR is
Synoptophore is an orthoptic instrument used for diagnostics and therapy, designed to detect problems with binocular vision. The device has two tubes with a
Binocular fusion, or just “fusion” as it’s also known, is a term used to describe the brain’s ability to gather and process information received