Everything you need to know

VR Synoptophore

Eyes are the windows to the world around us, so they must be taken proper care of. The VR Synoptophore app is designed to help you perceive the world perfectly and relax your eye muscles after constant daily strain.

Aiding with different problems and conditions like lazy eye syndrome, myopia, strabismus, and others removes stress from the eyes and helps them perform better.

The intuitive VR solution detects excellent ways of battling the eyes’ inability to focus on an object to make a single image. It’s the only app that exercises your eye muscles and brain simultaneously. Our brains send signals to the eyes to move in opposite directions but stay aligned on the visual target. This process is called binocular fusion and is crucial for creating a clear image and depth perception.

Numerous conditions affect the eyes’ ability to focus and cause headaches, fatigue, and low concentration. To combat these states, eyes should be exercised regularly.

VR Synopthophore provides simple yet effective training that can be done anywhere. After just two to three weeks of daily exercises, the binocular vision gets considerably better, allowing a more precise vision and less tension around the eyes.

It is an ideal choice for people who spend a lot of time in front of their computer screens. Available exercises help you refresh after a long day at work and improve your sight down the road.

In addition, using the app regularly enhances your general health, focus, performance and minimizes teary eyes.

Eye Exercises For Multiple Benefits

VR Synoptophore provides highly efficient exercises designed to help you quickly get effective results. It’s easy to use, and the training is fun and relaxing. The app doubles as a real synoptophore, and it’s ideal for gamers, athletes, children, and everyone else looking to improve their eyesight.

By using it for 5 to 10 minutes a day, you will be able to feel drastic improvements in eye fusion within a short period. Moreover, it will reduce headaches and blurry vision and increase concentration and blood circulation.

It resembles one of the most effective smartphone options since it positively affects even the slightest deviations in binocular vision.

The first benefits are experienced after just a few days when used with the recommended VR glasses. The days of overwhelming eye fatigue are long gone as the simple solution can now be worn inside of your pocket.